The World’s Best Slogans for Energy Conservation

When you’re passionate about a subject, one of the most common things to do is share that passion on your social media accounts. For some topics, that process is easier than others. But for others, such as having a passion for saving energy, that can be a bit tough. We have a simple [...]

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Common Products, Services and Rebates Offered by Your Utility Company

When it comes to saving money on your electric bill, you don’t have to go at it alone. Utility companies throughout the country are willing to help lower your bill by offering various products, services and rebates to ease the burden on your bank account. In fact, many utility companies offer rewards if [...]

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5 Tips to Make Your Dishwasher More Efficient

Ask yourself the following question. If you have a dishwasher, are you using it efficiently? Did you actually know there are right and wrong ways to use your dishwasher? Defining right versus wrong can be summed up by this simple question: does your dishwasher cost you more money than it needs to? We [...]

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Six Simple Ways to Save Electricity in Your Bedrooms This Summer

When it comes to saving electricity at home, your immediate thoughts tend to center around major appliances and energy hogs. And truth be told, we generally don’t use as much energy and electricity in our bedrooms as we do in the kitchen or living room. But it shouldn’t matter if your bedroom doesn’t [...]

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5 Tips on How to Travel Green This Summer

When it comes to living a green lifestyle, it’s not just about what you do at home. Living a green lifestyle also encompasses what you do away from home. And today, we’re here to ask you a simple question: are you a responsible traveler when it comes to being eco-friendly? Before attempting to [...]

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